Friday, May 27, 2016


Can you tell a book by its cover? 

Sherry Glaser, co-author of the upcoming The First Practical Handbook for Crazy People has finalized her decision on the book's cover. What do you think of it? Please send us your comments and feedback.

To fully grasp this cover's tongue-in-cheek comedic qualities, you might like to learn more about the woman behind it by visiting  

Sherry Glaser is a full-fledged Comic Force of Nature who spins gold out of pain. This book arose out of the ashes of her mother's death when Sherry got  nudged by her late mom to collaborate on this manuscript she left behind.

Actually before doing it, Sherry asked me what I thought of this concept for a cover and I gave it a thumb down, to which she responded: "But he really wants to be on the cover!"

And so it is. 

Crowd funding is in full swing to make this beautiful Mother-Daughter Creation a paperback/hard cover reality. Details are on the link above.

Please support your local crazies. Thank you.